KAZA (Okavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area)

linking a vast network of national parks and world heritage sitess across Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This project born in Africa will produce the largest peace park in the world.

 It’s a mammoth undertaking :  to attract millions of tourists as well as creating employment for thousands of people, stimulating socio-economic development, conserving wildlife and the habitat making it a win/win situation for all.

Could Kaza be an experiment for a new social world order,  where sustainability and co-operation are the foundation stones.

Subscribing to the values and principles of a co-op, imagine a mixed economic system resembling a three-legged pot.  Where one leg represents worker/community owned enterprises; the second leg is privately owned enterprises and lastly state owned enterprises


Not just conserving endangered species but wildlife habitats, eco systems and water resources, re-establishing wildlife corridors in particular for elephants.

The KAZA conservation area also aims at upliftment of local communities. 


Is hemp a wonder food, a miracle plant? You bet – used in bio fuels, construction, textiles, food (hemp seeds), body lotions, plastic and paper.

You are invited to join us in showcasing innovative ideas and trends to make the KAZA dream come true.


Exploring new tourism models  from educational to cultural. Get involved – write editorials, advertise. Advertise your product, lodge or that out of the box idea you just know can work.