KAZA (Okavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area)

KAZA IS the world’s largest peace park. 

Protecting Africa’s wildlife and wilderness in Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 
Journey with us some 520 00 sq. kms of national parks and game reserves and experience a world without borders.

Botswana’s giant headache

– yes, it is elephants
– yes, they are destructive
– yes, they earn a lot of bucks from tourism 

Elephants are one of my favourite animals, that is when they are not charging me.

There are a lot of elephants in Botswana and therein lies the problem. Rural communities need to survive – but is hunting and culling the answer?  Why not look at the problem a different way, one that will provide a sustainable income for rural people. 

Here’s one idea.  Grow hemp (no, not marijuana).  Hemp is more than a wonder plant and here’s why.
– it has more than 2500 end uses
– can be grown in poor soil with little water or fertiliser
– houses made from hemp would be cool, virtually FIREPROOF and last longer than conventional housing
– planting hemp would provide jobs and income  
– plant this amazing crop on the peripheral areas of KAZA
Click to know more https://goo.gl/nTAAbn 

Read Elephants Without Borders statement on elephant poaching https://goo.gl/yjpkJW

But what do you think?  Cull elephants or look at positive ways to provide a renewable resource for Botswana. Have your say …………. Click Here

Eco Tourism at the following Safari Hubs

Victoria Falls

wide selection of accommodation options from budget to upmarket bush lodges, and activities  to suit all tastes and budgets.


Stay in upmarket lodges, Zambezi river lodges or self catering lodges.
Good range of attractions and tours for all members of the family.

Chobe – Kasane

Accommodation choices from Chobe river lodges, gorgeous safari lodges or self catering cottages.  Activities include game drives and river cruises.

Getting There
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Kenyan Airways
Ethiopian Airlines
Pro flight Zambia 
Air Namibia 
Air Zimbabwe
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