Conservation – a dynamic word covering everything from conserving natural resources to wildlife, habitats and human rights.

Globally there are 23 species of vultures of which 16 are found in Africa. All species are endangered.

Poaching for traditional medicinal purposes as well as meat is the major threat.

Have you ever seen these magnificent birds of prey effortlessly gliding on the thermals – circling round and round – never hitting one another.
Their job is to find and clean up after a kill and this is done with great enthusiasm and a lot of excitement. 
There are vulture conservation projects and like every species that is endangered they need support (either volunteering for fitting gps or wing tagging; or you can also take part in vulture counts. 


An African giant being severely poached for its ivory.
A giant who needs lots of water, food and land.
Protection of their habitat is where KAZA plays its role.
Elephants are born travellers walking vast distance in large herds with the matriarch leading the way.

The programme “Elephants Without Borders” has discovered ancient pathways and corridors leading from Botswana into Angola.

African Wild Dog

Lycaon pictus – Greek and Latin for “painted wolf”. 
Poaching, habitat loss, diseases and threats from predators such as lions all contribute to the wild dogs endangerment.
In Hwange National Park, Painted Dog conservation started back in the mid 1990’2 and is doing some amazing work – focusing on educating communities, rehabilitation of the dogs as well as anti poaching units.