without innovation, there is no progress. 

solar paint
Solar Paint The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has developed a paint that can be used to generate clean energy, combining titanium oxide with synthetic molybdenum-sulphide. Apparently the material absorbs solar energy as well as moisture from the surrounding air.  That's the good news - the bad news is that the paint isn't expected to be commercially viable Continue Reading
Hemp Cousin to marijuana but with little or no THC, hemp is a wonder plant with more than 2500 uses.  ■ bio fuel  ■ housing construction (walls, floors, insulation. Its thermal properties keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter makes for a natural alternative to bricks with houses lasting up to 800 years. It's breathable and Continue Reading
Computer Technology
A pie for all reasons

Using technology, single cell computers can be used as a cost effective computer terminal for use in schools.
So you would have one server in a school and each pupil has a pi. 
At today’s rate a desktop computer is about R6000/US$ 420 and a pi is R1500/US$105.