The KAZA Countries

Angola – Botswana – Namibia – Zambia – Zimbabwe make up the Okavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (in short KAZA)

Spanning an area of roughly 520 000 sq. kms – a rich wilderness of national parks, game reserves, communities, wildlife management areas and protected areas.


One of the fastest growing economies in the world owing to its vast mineral and petroleum reserves. 
Agriculture and forestry have also been identified as potential growth areas.


Africa’s success story in terms of conservation with approx. 40% of the country being conserved land.
Mining, cattle and tourism make up the bulk of the country’s economy.


Named after the world’s oldest desert, this vast dry land is a pioneer in eco tourism with tourism being a major contributor to its economy.


Copper mining, agriculture and tourism are the major contributor’s to the economy.
The tourism industry still has much potential to grow.


International and domestic tourism is on the increase helped in part by the new Victoria Falls International airport.  Zimbabwe is a year round holiday and safari destination.