Rivers & Lakes



Africa’s largest man made lake providing electricity for both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Very much a holiday playground with fishing and house boating being popular activities.


where the water meets the sky, this lake is noted mainly as a fishing resource  (bream, tiger fish, yellow belly, catfish).

As a result of the fishing industry population densities around the lake have increased.


located in the far north western border of Zambia, contributing substantially to the fishing industry of Zambia.

Tourist facilities are limited. 


the longest fresh water lake in the world providing protein for local and export markets.



Zambezi – Africa’s 4th longest river and a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Kafue – one of Zambia’s most important rivers providing hydro-electric power and irrigation. 

Luangwa – the Luangwa Valley lies at the end of the Great Rift Valley and is well known as a premier wildlife destination. 
The river cuts through the middle of the valley with North Luangwa National Park on one side and South Luangwa on the opposite.